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Real MMA Broadcast on ACTV Daily

real mma

Finally, the wait is over! No need to miss one moment of Real MMA brought to you by Real Water. You can now watch breathtaking action 14 times weekly on Asian Culture Television; KEGS-LP Channel 30.6 in the Vegas Valley. Beginning April 6, 2018, Asian Culture TV (ACTV) will air Real Mixed Martial Arts XVII, with lively commentary by Rudy ...

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Americans Need to Exercise Their Freedoms and Vote


November 8, 2016, is election day. On Tuesday, Americans will vote for who will represent them to the world. That would be the position of the most powerful person in the world; President of the United States (POTUS). It is up to every citizen, young and old, to remind people to get out and vote. Support the freedom afforded Americans. ...

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Mary Perry Candidate for 1st Congressional District in Nevada


Mary Perry is seeking election for the 1st Congressional District in Nevada. She is a Republican who has an extensive experience as a lawyer. Her experience qualifies her for Congress as she has years of building multitasking skills. Even though Perry is a GOP candidate, she is moderate in her thinking. She will represent all residents of her district and ...

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Jason Frierson Is a Pro-Life Assembly District 8 Candidate


Jason Frierson is an African-American Democrat seeking re-election to Assembly District 8 (AD8) in November 2016. While he is not the incumbent this election, he was the assemblyman for the district during the 77th Nevada State Legislature; in 2013. His opponents are Republican Norm Ross and Democrat-turned-Libertarian John Moore, who is the current person representing the citizens. Planned Parenthood Endorsement of ...

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Republican Legislator John Moore Seeks Re-Election as Libertarian


John Moore has an interesting political background. Currently, he is serving Assembly District 8 (AD8) as a Republican and has changed parties to seek re-election as a Libertarian for the November 8, 2016, legislative election. Moreover, before he was a right-wing politician, he ran for office as Democrat. One could certainly question where this candidate’s allegiances lie. John Moore’s Legislative Candidacies ...

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Norm Ross Legislative Candidate Speaks Off the Cuff About Issues


During a phone conversation, Norm Ross spoke about the issues facing Nevada. He exhibited the ability to forward his intent with grace and intelligence. The candidate seeking election for the Assembly District 8 (AD8) seat. Ross discussed his passion for the people of Nevada and the state’s need for change. Immigration, Refugees, and Non-English Speaking Students He believes that dealing with ...

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‘Borderlands’ Creators to Release MOBA ‘Battleborn’ [Video]


The creators of Borderlands are making a first-person MOBA called Battleborn. Gearbox Software are taking on their first multiplayer for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. According an announcement made from the studio and their publisher 2K in this months issue of Game Informer, the game combines first person shooting with a co-operative combat. Players can choose from a number of ...

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FCC and Net Neutrality After the Verizon Case: A Cautious Path Forward

FCC in the Verizon v. Federal Communications Commission case

In January, 2014, the Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia struck down the “anti-discrimination” and “no blocking” regulations previously adopted by the FCC in the Verizon v. Federal Communications Commission case. The case was a blow to the proponents of net neutrality, which refers to a free and open internet in which the internet service providers (ISP’s) ...

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Amazon’s Prime Price for Prime Membership

Amazon's Prime Price for Prime Membership

Does this sound familiar? Celebrating your family member’s or friends’ birthdays whom you haven’t seen in years or you’re just “not that close to” and yet you are supposed to divine their birthday wishes. You phone your aunts, uncles, your friends’ friends, and stalk their Facebook pages to see their interests. Luckily, they have an Wishlist and even luckier ...

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Video Game-Based Films: Delightful Entertainment

300: Rise of an Empire

On Friday March 14,2014, Need for Speed, a movie based on the video game by Electronic Arts, began its box office run and outperformed Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club, and 300: Rise of an Empire. While a few films based on video games have not done so well financially, they generally perform well at the box office. Just think about ...

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