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‘Borderlands’ Creators to Release MOBA ‘Battleborn’ [Video]


The creators of Borderlands are making a first-person MOBA called Battleborn. Gearbox Software are taking on their first multiplayer for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. According an announcement made from the studio and their publisher 2K in this months issue of Game Informer, the game combines first person shooting with a co-operative combat. Players can choose from a number of ...

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Video Game-Based Films: Delightful Entertainment

300: Rise of an Empire

On Friday March 14,2014, Need for Speed, a movie based on the video game by Electronic Arts, began its box office run and outperformed Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club, and 300: Rise of an Empire. While a few films based on video games have not done so well financially, they generally perform well at the box office. Just think about ...

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