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Republican Legislator John Moore Seeks Re-Election as Libertarian


John Moore has an interesting political background. Currently, he is serving Assembly District 8 (AD8) as a Republican and has changed parties to seek re-election as a Libertarian for the November 8, 2016, legislative election. Moreover, before he was a right-wing politician,┬áhe ran for office as Democrat. One could certainly question where this candidate’s allegiances lie. John Moore’s Legislative Candidacies ...

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Norm Ross Legislative Candidate Speaks Off the Cuff About Issues


During a phone conversation, Norm Ross spoke about the issues facing Nevada. He exhibited the ability to forward his intent with grace and intelligence. The candidate seeking election for the Assembly District 8 (AD8) seat.┬áRoss discussed his passion for the people of Nevada and the state’s need for change. Immigration, Refugees, and Non-English Speaking Students He believes that dealing with ...

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